A bit of trouble


If anyone knows me, they know how hard I work on my business. Three months ago I was out celebrating a big win since we had just closed a new client. We had gone to the bar and I had two beers to celebrate with my team. Unfortunately, I rolled past a stop sign on my way home. I saw the stop sign but I had not made a complete stop and rolled through it. Of course, I was pulled over by a police car. I thought it would be a warning but I actually received something much worse… A DUI. Why? Apparently the police officer saw me leave the bar, get in my car, and “swerve”. I highly doubt this but of course I had to get out and do the field sobriety test. I was so nervous that I actually failed it! Since I failed it, I had to go in and take a breathalyzer test. Completely mortified that this was actually happening, I went in. I blew just on the legal limit and I was arrested. I cannot believe that this actually happened to me, but it did. For the first time in my life, I was being arrested for something. Want to know the funny thing? I didn’t even feel drunk. In fact, I felt completely sober. I was in shock sitting there, waiting for my lawyer to come and give me some guidance. I used to think that only degenerates got arrested for DUI’s but now I know that it can really happen to anyone. My lawyer explained to me that police are on the lookout for anyone that has any amount of alcohol and drives. That means even if you have 1 drink, they will be on the lookout for you. I am not a big drinker but this experience sincerely changed my life. Thankfully, I have a great lawyer. In fact, he was able to get my case dismissed! Apparently the police didn’t follow proper protocol in administering the field sobriety test. That means that the evidence could not be allowed into court and the entire case had to be thrown out. That God for hiring him. I honestly have no clue where I would be in my life without a good lawyer. Even though things are technically back to normal after the DUI, my life feels a bit different. I am almost hesitant to drive now. I feel nervous even getting into my car to drive down the road. Why? My friends and family say that I am still in shock from the events and how the DUI was handled. I think they are right. I vow to never drink and drive again. I made a mistake thinking that I could even get away with drinking a small amount. Now, whenever I drink alcohol, I will either not drive at all or leave my car and call a taxi. Trust me, it is not worth getting a DUI. The stress is one thing but the financial toll it takes on you is another. If I were to be convicted of a DUI, my state would have taken away my license, made me do community service, and made me take special DUI classes. All of this costs a lot of money – money that I do not have. I am glad I spent a few thousand hiring a great attorney instead.

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