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A bit of trouble


If anyone knows me, they know how hard I work on my business. Three months ago I was out celebrating a big win since we had just closed a new client. We had gone to the bar and I had two beers to celebrate with my team. Unfortunately, I rolled past a stop sign on my way home. I saw the stop sign but I had not made a complete stop and rolled through it. Of course, I was pulled over by a police car. I thought it would be a warning but I actually received something much worse… A DUI. Why? Apparently the police officer saw me leave the bar, get in my car, and “swerve”. I highly doubt this but of course I had to get out and do the field sobriety test. I was so nervous that I actually failed it! Since I failed it, I had to go in and take a breathalyzer test. Completely mortified that this was actually happening, I went in. I blew just on the legal limit and I was arrested. I cannot believe that this actually happened to me, but it did. For the first time in my life, I was being arrested for something. Want to know the funny thing? I didn’t even feel drunk. In fact, I felt completely sober. I was in shock sitting there, waiting for my lawyer to come and give me some guidance. I used to think that only degenerates got arrested for DUI’s but now I know that it can really happen to anyone. My lawyer explained to me that police are on the lookout for anyone that has any amount of alcohol and drives. That means even if you have 1 drink, they will be on the lookout for you. I am not a big drinker but this experience sincerely changed my life. Thankfully, I have a great lawyer. In fact, he was able to get my case dismissed! Apparently the police didn’t follow proper protocol in administering the field sobriety test. That means that the evidence could not be allowed into court and the entire case had to be thrown out. That God for hiring him. I honestly have no clue where I would be in my life without a good lawyer. Even though things are technically back to normal after the DUI, my life feels a bit different. I am almost hesitant to drive now. I feel nervous even getting into my car to drive down the road. Why? My friends and family say that I am still in shock from the events and how the DUI was handled. I think they are right. I vow to never drink and drive again. I made a mistake thinking that I could even get away with drinking a small amount. Now, whenever I drink alcohol, I will either not drive at all or leave my car and call a taxi. Trust me, it is not worth getting a DUI. The stress is one thing but the financial toll it takes on you is another. If I were to be convicted of a DUI, my state would have taken away my license, made me do community service, and made me take special DUI classes. All of this costs a lot of money – money that I do not have. I am glad I spent a few thousand hiring a great attorney instead.


Our New Kitchen Looks Fabulous

About three months ago we decided it was time to redo our kitchen. As a fence contractor, I thought, “Hey, I can do this myself.” Well, I was extremely wrong. We started by going to our local Home Depot and asking to speak with someone about redoing our kitchen. After speaking with a floor manager about the details involved in remodeling a kitchen (cabinets, floors, countertops, appliances) we decided it was too much work. We put the project on hold for about seven months…

My wife is a huge fan of Pinterest so the whole time that the project was on hold she decided to create different Pinterest Boards for all the kitchen design aspects/elements she wanted in her new kitchen. When she showed it to me late one night I was blown away. It was then that I knew that we should start thinking about remodeling the kitchen again. Fast forward a week or so to meeting with a colleague of mine and he mentioned how he just got his kitchen renovated in his new home. I asked him how he did it and he told me he did the whole project through I was stumped because I had never heard of this company. I’m a curious guy so I decided to check them out by shooting them a message. Within an hour or so later I was actually on the phone with one of their representatives chatting about our kitchen project. I mentioned our budget, immediately thinking they would say it was too low, and she replied they have remodeled a lot of kitchens for that much. I was in shock. Was it too good to be true?

A week later we were scheduled to stop by their new showroom. Once we arrived it was clear they had their act together and knew their stuff. They walked us through tons of different designs and even listened to my wife ramble on about what she found on Pinterest. Within a few hours we had a final idea of what our kitchen would look like. That night, in bed, my wife turned to me and said, “I’m so happy we ended up finding”

Two weeks later we planned to move out of our home to give the contractors enough time to get everything together and begin the build. We hoped that it would only take them a week or so to finish everything up but it ended up only being five days – score!

The kitchen came out absolutely beautifully. My wife was on the verge of tears (happy tears, of course) when she she saw how they were able to create our new kitchen. What started out as an old 70’s style was turned into a sleek, elegant, traditional style kitchen seemingly overnight. Our dream had come true.

We learned a lot throughout this process. First, don’t try to tackle a big contractor project alone, even if you have experience in the contracting industry. Second, ask around to friends and family about which contractors to go with. Often times you’ll want to go with the first contractor you hear of – don’t! We actually met with quite a few different kitchen contractor before settling with Lastly, work with the contractors on your new design. We thought our kitchen design representative would hate that we brought our own pictures and ideas but it actually made the whole design process workout much easier.


Choosing The Right Fence For Your Property

Choosing the right fencing for your yard can be a very tough decision. There are a lot of variables you need to consider before picking. Lucky for you, we have combed through all the research and talked to twelve different fence companies (including Halls Fence Company of NJ) to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into when you choose.

First thing is first, you want to find a fence that fits your building. Are you residential or commercial? If you’re residential, you will want to stick with a fence that offers safety, privacy, and enhances the overall value of your home. If you are a business or commercial property, you will probably be more concerned with privacy and safety (especially construction sites).

The next step is to think about your budget. What can you afford? This will give you an idea of what type of fence you should go with and how much of the fence you can buy. If you don’t have much money to spend, try going with a wood or split rail fence. They can sometimes be the cheapest. If you want to go all out, purchase a vinyl fence. Vinyl fencing is known for being very durable. Even in the harshest of weather it stands up. This is because it is made of a hardened plastic called “PVC”.

Lastly, you will want to analyze your property and think about where the fence will go. Is it a fence that will border your entire land or just keep Sparky the dog from running away? This will give you an idea of the volume of fence to purchase.

No matter what type of fence you decide to go with, we recommend Halls Fence installation services for their supreme customer service, high quality products, and overall knowledge of the business. William Halls, the owner is a great friend of mine and has owned and operated Halls Fence for nearly twelve years now.

When you walk in you will be treated like you’re part of the family!

Recent Customer

Reynolds Fence, out of NJ, was recently contracted to the midwest for a large job in Cook County (the outskirts of Chicago), Illinois. A criminal lawyer based in Chicago, Feldman Criminal Defense, has recently opened two offices – one in Skokie, IL and another in Schaumburg, IL. Being a college friend of the owner, we decided to rally the team and help him with the fencing and general contracting.

It was definitely a tough job and being on a tight deadline, we were able to get the necessary pieces in place to make it a success.

I wish Steve and everyone at the firm good luck!

How To Choose The Right Fence Company

Use these simple steps to find the best fence companies in NJ…

  1. You always get what you pay for. Choose your fence company very carefully – once you have the finished product you’re stuck with it for good. Sure, quality fence installation might cost a little more than you bargained
  2. Make sure the person installing it has the right experience! You want the people doing the work to have the skill needed to install a fence.
  3. Be sure the company has a good reputation, Find out where the companies showroom is too. How well your fence turns out is a mirror of how well the business is run.
  4. What kind of warranties are available? You will not have any issues when dealing with high quality, properly installed products.
  5. Who’s looking out for you? Most utility lines and irrigation lines run along your property lines.  You want a professional who can handle the many challenges, as well as someone who is looking out for your lawn, flowers, shrubs and trees.  Just being insured isn’t enough— you need insurance from the company.
  6. Know the importance of 100% ready mix concrete for your fence post footings (from the concrete truck).  Neglecting to use ample, quality concrete will compromise the integrity of the fence.  Any fixed structure needs a secure foundation.  “Bag-crete” will not hold up well and often is used only at the bottom or at the top of the fence post hole.
  7. Be sure the company does what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it. Hire a company with a great work ethic. This should be fun and exciting!
  8. Consider the importance of seeing and feeling the actual product and how it looks when it is installed.
  9. Knowledge is king, always hire someone who is an expert.  You are responsible for knowing these if the fence business doesn’t.  It can cost you a lot if you get fined or (God forbid) have to fix the problem fence…

Searching For The Best Fence Company in New Jersey

reynolds-fence-nj-companyToday we sat down with John Reynolds of Reynolds Fence, a fence company in NJ, to talk about what to look for when searching for the right fence installation.

Adding a fence may be an uncomplicated DIY venture and, many homeowners do elect to go it alone.

Quality fencing installation, on the other hand, is about a lot more than digging holes, slamming posts, and attaching wire/mesh. Local environment considerations like wind behaviors, snowfall, and earth conditions will affect not merely how your posts should be planted, but in addition the material you decide.

While many homeowners may depend on the troubles of both publishing the containment system and studying how these factors will fit in concert during and following your initial installing, experienced neighborhood fencing contractors will likely do the position faster and more effectively in comparison with most householders ever may. When you concentrate on all the actual DIY secure fencing projects that end up requiring professional assistance not just to finish the position, but to backtrack in addition to fix blunders made ahead of they turned up, the choice to employ a fence contractor is in reality a money saver in some scenarios!

There tend to be quite a lot of brands of fencing available. Vinyl fencing, chain link, picket, and lattice fencing are normal but, all sorts of ornamental fencing can be added too.

The first factor to weigh is the actual purpose(s) you want your containment system to serve; this can be the 1st point in which the advice regarding fencing building contractors is invaluable. Instead of investigating different types of fences all on your own and wanting to determine that will best satisfy your desires, fence contractors can listen on your needs first then design the actual fence all-around them. Dog fences, private fencing, ornamental fencing, and also plant fences can just about all be taken into account.

There tend to be numerous fencing components as you will find fence styles, and your local fence building contractors are amply trained in the good and bad points of each in your particular region.

Vinyl, lightweight aluminum, steel, and the wide variety of different lumber species obtainable can each create a perfect containment system material from the right placing, but figuring out what material is the right fit for any given situation can be quite difficult should you haven’t observed how each and every performs on the long transport. In several cases, local secure fencing contractors can save householders money through recommending a more affordable product which may not seem to be perfect in writing, but provides proven itself time and again in your own areas environment.

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