How To Choose The Right Fence Company

Use these simple steps to find the best fence companies in NJ…

  1. You always get what you pay for. Choose your fence company very carefully – once you have the finished product you’re stuck with it for good. Sure, quality fence installation might cost a little more than you bargained
  2. Make sure the person installing it has the right experience! You want the people doing the work to have the skill needed to install a fence.
  3. Be sure the company has a good reputation, Find out where the companies showroom is too. How well your fence turns out is a mirror of how well the business is run.
  4. What kind of warranties are available? You will not have any issues when dealing with high quality, properly installed products.
  5. Who’s looking out for you? Most utility lines and irrigation lines run along your property lines.  You want a professional who can handle the many challenges, as well as someone who is looking out for your lawn, flowers, shrubs and trees.  Just being insured isn’t enough— you need insurance from the company.
  6. Know the importance of 100% ready mix concrete for your fence post footings (from the concrete truck).  Neglecting to use ample, quality concrete will compromise the integrity of the fence.  Any fixed structure needs a secure foundation.  “Bag-crete” will not hold up well and often is used only at the bottom or at the top of the fence post hole.
  7. Be sure the company does what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it. Hire a company with a great work ethic. This should be fun and exciting!
  8. Consider the importance of seeing and feeling the actual product and how it looks when it is installed.
  9. Knowledge is king, always hire someone who is an expert.  You are responsible for knowing these if the fence business doesn’t.  It can cost you a lot if you get fined or (God forbid) have to fix the problem fence…

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