Our New Kitchen Looks Fabulous

About three months ago we decided it was time to redo our kitchen. As a fence contractor, I thought, “Hey, I can do this myself.” Well, I was extremely wrong. We started by going to our local Home Depot and asking to speak with someone about redoing our kitchen. After speaking with a floor manager about the details involved in remodeling a kitchen (cabinets, floors, countertops, appliances) we decided it was too much work. We put the project on hold for about seven months…

My wife is a huge fan of Pinterest so the whole time that the project was on hold she decided to create different Pinterest Boards for all the kitchen design aspects/elements she wanted in her new kitchen. When she showed it to me late one night I was blown away. It was then that I knew that we should start thinking about remodeling the kitchen again. Fast forward a week or so to meeting with a colleague of mine and he mentioned how he just got his kitchen renovated in his new home. I asked him how he did it and he told me he did the whole project through I was stumped because I had never heard of this company. I’m a curious guy so I decided to check them out by shooting them a message. Within an hour or so later I was actually on the phone with one of their representatives chatting about our kitchen project. I mentioned our budget, immediately thinking they would say it was too low, and she replied they have remodeled a lot of kitchens for that much. I was in shock. Was it too good to be true?

A week later we were scheduled to stop by their new showroom. Once we arrived it was clear they had their act together and knew their stuff. They walked us through tons of different designs and even listened to my wife ramble on about what she found on Pinterest. Within a few hours we had a final idea of what our kitchen would look like. That night, in bed, my wife turned to me and said, “I’m so happy we ended up finding”

Two weeks later we planned to move out of our home to give the contractors enough time to get everything together and begin the build. We hoped that it would only take them a week or so to finish everything up but it ended up only being five days – score!

The kitchen came out absolutely beautifully. My wife was on the verge of tears (happy tears, of course) when she she saw how they were able to create our new kitchen. What started out as an old 70’s style was turned into a sleek, elegant, traditional style kitchen seemingly overnight. Our dream had come true.

We learned a lot throughout this process. First, don’t try to tackle a big contractor project alone, even if you have experience in the contracting industry. Second, ask around to friends and family about which contractors to go with. Often times you’ll want to go with the first contractor you hear of – don’t! We actually met with quite a few different kitchen contractor before settling with Lastly, work with the contractors on your new design. We thought our kitchen design representative would hate that we brought our own pictures and ideas but it actually made the whole design process workout much easier.

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